about me

Hi! I’m Andrea (Andrew in English). I’m an Italian developer, from Naples, but my source code is in Switzerland. I’ve a degree in computer science and my job is about the industrial R&S.

My passions are abouts travel with my hybrid car (Toyota Yaris 2020) cross the Eurpean countries, take photos of everything seems cool, play videogames on my PC or XBOX and the simply stay out in the nature with my electrical bike.

Who is this guy?

I used to work like Developer for about 13 years and like Software Engineer about for 6 years. Like Developer I’ve gained skills on C# and the .NET’s (core) world with WPF/UWP and ASP.NET Core applications.

Later I started to interest myself to the Node.js and Javascript/Typescript world, gaining skills about the use of Node for the server/desktop (with Electron) side and React.js for the UI.

I’m also an Open Source enthusiast (you can find me here) even if I’ve some difficult to follow all the libraries I’ve made.

After I’ve got my work like industrial researcher, I’ve started to gain skills about new and innovative technologies like the Blockchain or the Computer Vision (Object Recognition via CNN).

Actually I direct the Computer Science team for the RDI (Research & Development and Innovation) department into two companies based in Casoria, near Naples, Arethusa Srl and Natura Srl.

Some of my publications:

PHP Elementary (italian)