How to connect to a MySQL server with .net core

We already know that asp .net core works great with Microsoft technologies, but many times we need to work with other stuff.

Just think about the EF with SQL Server, the Identity or whatever things like these.
In my scenario,  I needed to interface the website with a MySQL database. In this case I’ve been lucky, because I’ve found the a first implementation of a connector for MySQL (info here).

However my needs, I’ve wrote a new .net standard library based on MySQLConnector that use also ORM features in a very clearly way.

You can find it here with all docs for how to use.

Pills of C#: strings

In many times people have asked me some question about strings in C#. The much quoted question is about: “What is the @ before the string?”

So, now I want try to give some pills about those strings in C#.

Just to be clear, I’m assuming that you already know a base of C# and strings operations (concats, escaping, etc.)

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